Friday, July 29, 2016

Was it
In silent flight
Or owl shadow
Or wisp of night
A darkened corner
A lonely street
We set our course
Porch light

Was it
Summer’s sleeve
Of balmy breeze
That carried me
To tropic isle
The softest seas of
Sweet July
Rolled under me
In concrete mile

Was it
Silken gold
That filled my mind
With incandescent
Dreamy love
I lingered in the afterglow
Of wading through
The clouds above

A city moon
A gilded street
We traipsed the summer night

Sara Mathews     July 2016
Photo by Jody Roberts

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

                                                                 Melissa Ann Miller

Here in these hills lies grace
Here where the suns rolls slow
Yawning gold
Blushing new
Stretching wide 
Across the range
Embracing me
In subtle 
Ephemeral hue
Tints of pastel prayer
And possibility 
Here I breathe the color
Cup my hands
Dip my brush
And find the truth

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The tempest
Of the storm
Is threatening
The skies
With great sweeps of
Rage that have the trees tops
Pitching perilously
Like ships at sea
They roll with every wave
And mighty swell
And beat the air
Like giant brooms
With every angry gust
And I wonder
What the fury is about
What pent up sorrows
Or frustrations
Have gathered in these heavy clouds
That whip across the
Darkened afternoon
What emotions held in check
Too long must now erupt
In petulant outburst
And rearranging of the heavens
A strange blue cricket
Has landed on my porch
The likes of which
I’ve never seen
A little alien soul
Blown in from other shores
Off course before this wild wind
And what of the poor birds
They must be clinging to the nest
With eyes shut tight
And praying that they built
Foundations strong enough
To weather and withstand
This twisting, writhing ride
Do you think they knew
To batten down the hatches
Do they bail for all they're worth
Amid this torrent
And hold their breath
Until the surge subsides
One lone bird
Is singing
To the storm
A brave attempt I think
To keep his courage strong
And I admire his approach
And valiant song

Sara Mathews     2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The words you wrote
So long ago
Have wandered through the years
Today they walked across my mind
And wrought a thousand tears
The hand that placed
The sadness there
Still lingers on the page
And love that broke
A father’s heart
Is penned in neat despair

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Things to do
They call
I try to hide
I tiptoe quickly
Up the stairs
Slip behind a door
Sneak outside
Things to do
They ring
Like company
They just pop in
And peek through
Window pane
And I retreat to shadow
In the wings
Hold my breath
And pray
They go away
Things to do
They wait
They know my tricks
My methods of escape
They build a blind
And patiently they sit
And when my guard is down
They ambush me
And circle round
I struggle
The things to do
But then
To keep things fair
I cheerfully submit

Sara Mathews     July 2016

It’s a different light
This morning
A crystal shell of atmosphere
Bids me tread with care
Lest I shatter the illusion
Am I inside
Or out
I want to knock against
The day
I want to press my face into
The clearness of opacity
A window so clean
That hides so much
Intrigues frustration

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

We sit with rain
Waiting for nothing
We watch
Drops drop
Some heavier
Syncopate the leaves
Like cymbals
Splashing bold embellishment
Contentment lingers round
No thirst
And cardinals abound
They love my little house
Like me
We share an island of tranquility
And other birds are harmony
We pause to hear
Our mourning dove
His soft reminder
Gentle prayer
My island birds and I

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

                                                           Duy Huynh

So many things
Little boxes
Stacked against the wall
Of who I am
They wait for sorting
They nudge
Remember us they clamor
I was young
Or younger
I reply
And try to tuck them back
But they are firm
You must have dark
And light
They say
And butterfly
So many things
Sweet memories entwined
With twisted past
A breadcrumb path
And follow it
I must
At times
Eyes wide
To what I might

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Artwork by Duy Huynh  (used with permission)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

                                                 Photography by Ingrid Mathews

There is forgiveness
In the morning
The slip of skin
In the mists
Before the day
Rebirth of mind
And spirit
Lingers softly in the wings
Step lightly to the world
The dew of dawn
Strews diamonds on the lawn
Now breathe a baby's breath
Behold with newborn eyes
You’ve never felt this morn
You’ve never seen these skies

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Oh, how the rain goes deep
It knows my soul
It weeps the joy and sorrow
Both the same
And years of dusty memories
Come clean
Oh, how the rain cries truth
Soft springing to my eyes
In tributary tears
It flows
To streams of love
And loss
Reflecting pools of
In echoes
Ripple through
From other realms
Of rain

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016

There are feelings
That have no words
They are more like clothes
They go
Where you go
You can shed them
For a while
Hang them up
Tuck them away
Wish them well
But they know
You know
They are ever there
Waiting for that morning
When nothing else works

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

What is this green
A jade like glow
But softer
More a mossy hue
But deeper
It evades my mind
Of any color to describe
With amber lowlights
Slipping past like
Golden silk against my skin
I float on the elusiveness of
Velvet water
Where I glide
I dive like otter
Flip like fish
And revel in the green abyss

Until the sun begins to slide
And fade the evanescent tide
And I am bathed in dusky greys
And blues
Of every evening shade

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

                                                        Photography by Beth Wode

Silence spills
Like sand
It fills
The spaces of my mind
The pauses
Catch a breaths
The ums and ahs
I gather up
These tiny motes of time
Let no words pry
The interlude
No voices try to push
The quietude
It’s mine

Sara Mathews     July 2016

Beth Wode (used with permission)