Thursday, July 13, 2017

                                                        Photograph by Ingrid Mathews

When I forget to listen
And all the little miracles fly by
When I forget to be
And the day slips under my feet
When one petal falls
And the softness of it’s message
Escapes my mind
Then this world
And all it’s fantasy
Spins me round
Gives a gentle shake
Awakens me
Ah, hear
Hear what the little sparrow
Has to say
Hear the silver in the rain
The whispers
In the shape shifting clouds
Have reason
Let them speak

Sara Mathews     July 2017

Photo by Ingrid Mathews

Friday, June 23, 2017

                                                                   Brenda Wilbert

The possibilities of the day
Are many
It seems a bit too bright for gloom
Too grey for celebration
A little too soon
To slip into a mood
Or choose a face
I talk to the flowers
They know weather
We go round and round
About the chilly Spring
Too cold for tulips
They admit
Too wet for the giddy lilac
But hope explodes in the pink azalea
And the climbing rose
And now the sun sallies in
Without excuse
Just as we thought
We whisper
And the poppies regroup
As we greedily fill our lungs
With gold

Sara Mathews     June 2017

Artwork by Brenda Wilbert (used with permission)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The sky is lowering the boom
That is the expression
My father used
When we told him
I understand it now
The feeling of it all
Coming down around
A final curtain call
A premonition of a
Last goodbye
And yet
I see a comfort
In the envelope of fog
Like a favorite blanket
Come to wrap itself
Around your shoulders
With familiar touch
Enfolding you
With warm
So you are not alone
What made me think of this
Looking out the window
At the rain admonished rose
The wrap of mist
The lowering sky
I look up to the heavens
And smile
Because I know
They hold you close

Sara Mathews     June 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The full moon
Knows my missing
My sadness
My indecision
My halting step as I pass your door
Wanting to stop
Not wanting to bother
Is it for me or you
That I long to console
The full moon gives me confidence
Like wine
Like wine
I am full of myself
And my good intent
But I can’t hold my feet from moving past
As many nights I’ve tried
So my heart lingers round
Your little house
Pressing at the pane with sympathy
And only the moon knows
Full truth
But he is my moon
And forever takes my part
As I miss too deeply
The love of your life

Sara Mathews     June 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

                                                          Cardinals by Lois Armstrong

Cardinals round my windows fly
Like a snow globe of red feathers
I am happily caught within
They circle my room
Where I’ve made my escape
From horrific things

It’s too privileged
My daughter says
To choose oblivion
To be protected
By only good
And beautiful birds

Sara Mathews     June 2017
Artwork by Lois Armstrong  (used with permission)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

                                                          Photograph by Ingrid Mathews

To the little bird
Who sang outside my window
And heralded my morn
I give you thanks
When I tossed and turned
My chance of sleep
And the gilded envelope of dawn
Silvered on the hills
And cracked the sky
To just a glimmer of beyond
And drew from you
One clarion note
One clear resounding call
Of awe
You sang for me
A sound Eve heard
And the immensity
Of  your tiding
Struck my soul
I felt your chest expand
I felt the trill within your throat
~ the song burst forth
~ the joy
I felt the world
A million times reborn
In that one note!

Sara Mathews       May 2017

Ingrid Mathews Photography

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When you fly away from me
Oh, how my heart stretches sore
With a sadness jogging solidly
In place
No wings to follow
All hands to wring and worry
But in a calmer heart I know
Your flight is fair
And when I see you go
My eyes snap longing photographs
With every blinking tear
To blur the margins
Of my solitude
And I turn softly to myself
In clipped
Responsible lament
No wings
No wings

Sara Mathews     May 2017