Sunday, June 19, 2016

Days like these
There is no struggle
To recall
No sifting through
The rubble to retrieve
No dust to sweep from
Distant muffled memories
The songs of you burst
Through the fog
And swifts of feathered sighs
Upon my shoulder
Breathe ’remember’
Blue teardrops
Fall from sweet forget-me nots
And thoughts of you fill
Flowing brooks
And whistling larks perch
On the breeze and
Echo true
In days like these

Sara Mathews     June 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Spring Garden by Roelof Rossouw ~ South Africa

The light plays
Earth thrums alto
Below ~ below
Clouds crowd
For tulip’s solo
And a little wren sings naught
But listens
The sun leans
Against the pickets
Happy for the rest
As honeysuckle taps
The rhythm
A metronome of fingers
On the fence
A world of whole notes
Shower me
Confetti bits
Of happiness
I fling them to the rhapsody
On morning air

Sara Mathews     June 2016

"Spring Garden' by Roelof Rossouw  (used with permission)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

She comes to my window
Reminding me once more
That darkness is her other side
Sweetly she whistles happiness
Day to night
Is what he knew
When the sleeplessness
Would overtake
And restless heart would wander
Ever searching for the thing
He thought was missing
But truly never was

Sara Mathews     June 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A perigee
Is rising
She clears the trees
In gold abandon
And does a ribbon dance
With wisps of cloud
That linger on the breeze
A mother moon tonight
She calls down
To her moon babies
A summoning
From field
And thicket
Like pilgrims on a trek
With brilliant lanterns swinging
They gather from afar
To celebrate the solstice
An evening fete
Of glitz and glimmer
On the lawn
They revel
In the celebration
While I look on
In envy of the grand event
Wishing I could spark
And shine beneath the
Fullness of the summer sky
They call me from my doorway
And beckon me to try
So I light
A little votive
And hold my offering high
And dance amid a garden
Of moonlit fireflies

Sara Mathews     June 2016